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  Today virus and spyware attacks are very common and can have disastrous consequences. Some viruses can delete data from your hard drive, others can send personal data to hackers including passwords, account numbers etc. or mess up your PC and bring it to a grinding halt. Often viruses can only be removed with professional help. The problem may start out small, but if it is not treated it can get out of hand and you may lose all your data or even overload and damage your PC.

If you want to install a new program or need to upgrade to a later version of an existing package and all the manuals are just too complicated, give as a call and we will load the software on your behalf and maybe give you some hints & tips on how to use it.

This is a brief list of our software services:

  • Full system scan for viruses, trojans and spyware;
  • Removing or fixing any malicious programs and infected files;
  • Driver and software updates and compatibility checking;
  • Disk scan for corrupted or damaged files & sectors;
  • Disk cleanup to remove unneeded temporary files and other unwanted files who can 'buildup';
  • Disk Defragmenting for improving hard drive performance;
  • Advising you about possible performance enhancements including removing unnecessary
    programs at 'startup' and adding memory etc;
  • Installing various common programs;
  • We offer training in using a PC and for different software.