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   If you are having problems with your computer (freezes, blue screen, autorestart, failure to power up, strange noises etc.), you may have an internal part failure (hard drive, graphic card, power source ...). Computer problems come in a lot of forms, sometimes it's not even with the hardware itself but with outside factors such as driver issues, or broadband internet settings.

Rather than rushing to throw the old PC or laptop away and buying a new one which may not be good value for money, we can often fix the problem quickly and at low cost using our expertise and knowledge.

After running a diagnostic on your PC or laptop we will explain the problem to you and discuss the
possible solutions.

In the event that the computer needs to be taken back with us, we will provide a no-obligation quote before you
decide what action to take. Any computer that is taken away will be returned swiftly and re-installed for you.

Our main hardware services that we provide are:
  •  DC power socket & jack repair
  • connector repairs and replacement
  • power supply output optimization and replacement
  • fitting and installing new PC or laptop parts

Since we do not sell any computer or laptop parts, in the event that we do need to replace a part we can provide comprehensive advice on what to purchase and where, giving you the most cost-effective solution. We will then fit, install and test your new hardware.