PC Repair, Web Design &

Most PC repair companies charge their clients by the hour with prices ranging from £50 to £100. As an example, installing a fresh copy of Windows (OS) along with the drivers for your PC can take up to 1 hours.
In many cases clients are charged just for someone to come and look at their PC without any work being done.

aaITservices.co.uk has fixed prices for any service regardless of the time taken to solve the problem.
If we are unable to solve the problem we will advise you on who to go to next and you will not have to pay anything. If the problem can be fixed but you do not wish to go through with it, we will only charge you £5 to cover travel expenses and the time spent.

Here is a list of our services and prices:

General System Diagnostic (evaluation of problems, advice on useful hardware and software upgrades) 15.00 - £30.00
System Maintenance (cleaning of fans, radiators, and removal of dust from inside the case and keyboard and mouse cleaning) £25.00 - 50.00
System Tune Ups (defragmenting hard drives, clean up of unwanted software, temporary and internet files, reducing boot times and memory usage) £35.00 - 55.00
Custom PC Building (building a new PC from separate parts) £60.00
System Doctor (virus, spyware and adware scan and removal, registry repair, antivirus and firewall installation and configuration) £35.00 - £50.00
Fresh Windows OS (Win7/Win10) Installation (installing a new/fresh copy of Windows and set up of all drivers) £40.00/your OS + drivers
£60.00/our OS + searching new drivers
Data Back Up and Transfer (backing up or transferring information from an old to a new hard drive) £40.00
Software Installation (installing various software) £20.00/your soft.
£40.00/our soft.
Network Configuration (setting up of a wired or wireless network) £25.00 - £35.00
Replacing or Installing Hardware* (replacing, installing or upgrading a motherboard, cpu, memory, fan, hard drive as well as driver configuration) from £30-£50
depends on hardw.
Software/Hardware Conflicts and Other Software Issues (reconfiguration of old software, driver updates etc.) from £30-£40
depends on problem.
Web design sevices (creating new websites ) from £500-£1000
for basic web design
from £1000-£2000+ for
advance web design
Webmaster services (updating and maintaining existing websites) £neg.
depending on the task

* if the replacement is caused by a mallfunction hardware at this price is ading "General Diagnostic of the System" price.

The services are flexible in price as in what they ofer and any combination is posible.